Witching Curtains for Living Room Windows Using Flower Drapery Fabric and Yellow Valance also Striped Sheers Mounted on Stainless Steel Curtain Rods

others witching curtains for living room windows using flower drapery fabric and yellow valance also striped sheers mounted on stainless steel curtain rods

Traditionally, fireplaces were considered to be the optimal central element to the living room, but in modern homes, this is unlikely to be possible due to space limitations! But it's important to remember that the goal of your living room is being inviting to people, to get them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and stimulate good conversation. So, even without a central fireplace, making the fireplace some sort of focus will also work well. Mirrors are a wonderful tool to enhance Feng Shui in a living room. They bring light into darker areas and will reflect aspects of the room that visitors might not exactly otherwise enjoy. Mirrors make rooms look larger (and lighter) and very usefully, they could reflect the door, so any seating that cannot face the threshold can still have the door visible through the use of mirrors. The best placement for a mirror is where it might reflect a beautiful view, but once again, we need to adapt this principle to modern cities and homes.

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